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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the turnaround time for new orders?

A: Cards: Less than 5,000 = 1-2 weeks; More than 5,000 = 4-5 weeks; Emails: 1-2 weeks for email PINS

Q: Do I receive a charitable receipt for my donation?

A: No. However you are able to write off 100% of the total cost (giving dollars + platform cost) as a Marketing and/or HR expense

Q: Do the cards/pins expire?

A: Yes.  You determine the expiry date (1 yr max recommended)

Q: What happens to any unused seed money?

A: Unused seed money can be

a) Reimbursed
b) Used again in another campaign
c) Donated to Givesome Foundation

Q: What stats do I receive?

A: You will receive the following stats at the conclusion of the PIN expiry date

  • Number of PINS partially & fully used
  • How many ppl continue to give after the seed $ is used up
  • Total collective amount given after seed $ is used up
  • Total number of lives impacted
Q: Is this a taxable benefit to my employee?

A: No. The employee doesn’t ‘own’ or withdraw the seed money – they can only direct it to causes that interest them