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Meet Our Team

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.



Jay Whitelaw
Co-Founder, Executive Director
Generosity has such an enormous capacity to change people, change circumstances and change lives.  And that includes both the recipients of generosity as well as (dare I say more so?) those who learn to practise generosity.  I love that we get to pour our time and effort into this pursuit.  It's challenging and it's fulfilling and the future is exciting when we think about what is possible when more and more people launch into a generosity journey.
Adam Pender
Co-Founder, President
Givesome's solution is at the intersection of the fin-tech space, corporate CSR and ESG engagement needs, AI & Data gathering, and the desire for significant charitable social impact. I am super excited to be involved with the creation of the team that will build a solution to help solve the social deficit problem we are facing.
Sue Wigston
I love waking up everyday thinking about generosity and pursuing connections with people committed to having a greater impact.
Brent Mountford
I believe that Givesome can truly revolutionize the way people help others. I love being a part of something that can create such a meaningful societal impact.
Claire Veenstra
Charity Coordinator
I love that Givesome is making giving accessible and interactive. It's exciting to get to "see the good" that your money helped to fund, and Givesome is making that possible. I love that we are connecting donors with causes they are passionate about and showing them the impact each donation they make has.
Alex DeJong
Project Coordinator
I love that Givesome puts value in any amount and wants to be a part of a givers journey. Givesome inspires givers to see that they can make a difference just with what they already have to offer.

If you’re looking to join our team

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