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Reflect – Recharge – Release

Now that it’s been just over a week since our soft launch I want to relive some of the highlights and thank you for a great event we won’t soon forget.

November 23rd gave us a chance to look back at where this all came from and the incredible highlights along the way. After the seed for Givesome was planted back in 2002 and a decision made to pursue that dream in 2013, Adam and I came together in 2015 to bring it to life. Givesome always was, and always will be about giving, and the incredible, personal impact that giving can have on the people who give. The soft launch was a chance to take a short pause and to look back at the stories and the people who played a role in bringing Givesome to life.

For Adam and I, it was an incredible chance to look out at a packed room of awesome people and feel the energy and the anticipation of what’s ahead. Our days are mostly filled with one-on-one meetings, so to see such so many people come together all at once was a colossal recharging of the battery. We’d like to give an enormous thank you to those who came out to show their support and to celebrate with us. We are so thankful for such an incredible group of friends and partners. It is through your belief and your influence that we are going to start to change the world of giving.

The highlight of the night for us was seeing the app on people’s devices and watching the first few projects in the history of Givesome get fulfilled. I believe the first project for Pencils for Kids was funded in about 6 minutes, and the following project for The Children’s Foundation not long after. Money was raised for two wonderful causes and we all started what I hope to be a very, very long list of incredible life-impacting projects that will leave a mark on our lives and on the lives of people around the world.
We’re all in this together. And fittingly, that is the only way we will make a difference out there – when we do it together. Thanks for an unforgettable evening.

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