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Board of Directors 


“The power of Givesome is that it can turn a moment of giving into a mindset of generosity.”

M.J. D’Elia
Associate Chief Librarian, University of British Columbia


M.J. D’Elia is Associate Chief Librarian at UBC. He regularly facilitates sessions on applied creativity, design thinking, and business model innovation. During his 13 years as a librarian, M.J. has received numerous awards, including the Larry Moore Distinguished Service award from the Ontario Library Association. When time permits M.J. doodles, plays with Lego, and loves tossing the Frisbee around.

When he was a kid he received an Armatron Robotic Arm for Christmas and burned out the batteries within a week.


Why Givesome?  People need hope and hope can come in 2’s, 5’s or 10’s.  Easy giving.

Lenny Malley
Partner at AMJ Campbell


Started out as a “one of the guys” on the trucks and worked up the ladder through sheer perseverance. Eventually leading to partnering with multiple businesses throughout North America. You will always hear him saying things like “keep the chains moving forward” or “there’s no rewind button on life” to those he interacts with.

When he’s not working, he enjoys golfing, camping, renos and classic cars.

The best gift Lenny ever received was when his son took him to Algonquin Park with his 3 grandsons….Priceless.

Regardless of how much you give, you see the difference that every dollar makes to the causes that matter to you.

Jean Capili MBA
Sr. Advisor at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada


Jean has extensive experience working with local communities, NGOs, multi-national corporations, governments, international agencies and academia. She believes in a world where every individual can prosper and live well. Jean loves to learn, as much as do, and has a post-grad in International Development and an MBA from Cornell University and Queens University. She loves exploring new cultures – she has had the privilege to travel to over 50 countries so far. Jean also tries to golf and enjoys stand-up paddle boarding and cross-country skiing.

Her favourite gift is any delicious meal.