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Introducing Charity Pages

Your message, your causes, your audience


Your Charity Page

Now you can create your own space within the Givesome app to communicate your priorities and invite your regular givers, social media followers, and the general public to join you in accomplishing your charitable focuses in a new and tangible way.

  • Launch your page and be featured on a mobile platform
  • Enhance your fundraising capabilities
  • 100% of donations go directly to your charitable projects

How it works

Create your Charity Page


Feature your charitable projects for funding


Direct traffic and fund projects through Givecards or by sharing your charity page link


Measure your impact through activity on your page


Your Charity Page in Action

As a Charity Page owner you can:

Create messaging around your charitable focuses

Inspire your regular donors and connect with a new audience

Have a new platform for greater reach and additional funding

Offer choices for what projects to support

Your audience can:

Support the tangible projects you feature

Watch their giving come to life

Learn about your organization's impact

Easily invite others to join in the giving

Inquire about your Charity Page