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Together We Got This

Together We Got This

I was in Haiti several years ago to help build an addition onto a school and was blown away by the creativity and ingenuity of the Haitians we worked alongside. We lacked a lot of the modern equipment. We didn’t have cement trucks and heavy machinery.

We didn’t have scaffolding and fancy tools. But what we had was a lot of people working together.

We formed lines and passed full buckets of cement towards the building and empty buckets back to the mixer. The guy at the end of the line would actually take the full bucket of cement and toss it two stories high to someone else who would catch it perfectly without any spillage. I was amazed at how quickly we accomplished the build once we had everyone working in tandem. I hate to say it but my grandma was right – “Many hands make light work.”

That’s the simple truth behind our fifth and final note on ‘What Is Givesome?’: We are compelled by the incredible potential that a growing number of engaged givers can have on our planet. Helping and accomplishing big things doesn’t have to be something reserved for those with a lot of money and power. All we need is a lot of people doing their little bit, together.

We already have within our grasp what we need to create enormous change. It’s a wonderful thing watching good things come together. And even more beautiful when people work in tandem to accomplish them.

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