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What Happened With All Those Blankets

This is a special blog post that shares a brief interview Jay had with Kamati from the Children’s After School program in Namibia. It explores what happened when we gathered a group of people together to raise money to give to these children.

Jay: What difference did the blankets make for the kids last year? Did they need them? Were they used to keep the kids warm at night?


The Blankets could be able to keep the kids warm throughout the winter. Namibia is one of the countries in Africa that gets cold goes down to the minus Celsius degrees. This year the weather went down to minus five (-5) Celsius degrees which is a clear indication how the blankets are desperate needed every year. These kids live in homes built with garbage bags and corrugated irons which gets very cold and it can easily claim the lives of kids. We had kids and parents who died in the recent past years as a result of the cold. Most of kids have walked up to me before and thank Givesome for giving them blankets because they kept them warm during winter. We have had people who died from the cold in the past.

Jay: Do you know if the blankets are still being used by these kids to keep them warm at night?

Only some kids who still have their blankets and they still use them while other kids’ blankets are completely old, means they no longer use them. I would like to encourage Givesome to continue giving blankets to the kids every year if it is possible.

Jay: Did us bringing the blankets to you and spending that time with the kids encourage you at all?


The blankets played a role of deeds and not just talking. Giving blankets to the kids It was not only an encouragement to me alone but to the kids as well. Having my friends over for few weeks was an encouragement and especially for them to travel thousands of miles just to come and be part of the work I am doing in my country is definitely encouraging.

Jay: How did you feel knowing that a lot of people here in Canada pitched in some money to buy those blankets and balls for you guys?


I am very delightful and thankful for the Canadians’ generosity. They do not know these kids, nor they have been to Namibia before but yet they gave to help someone in need. The balls are still around and the kids continue to enjoy them. Please do not stop support us. Once again thank you very much!
Here is footage from when the blankets were handed out to the children

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